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What Do You Think Of The Points And Reputation Systems?
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What are points and reputation systems?
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 Full Forum Tutorial...

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Full Forum Tutorial... Empty
PostSubject: Full Forum Tutorial...   Full Forum Tutorial... EmptyMon Dec 29, 2008 2:53 pm

This will show you how to do all of the following:
1. How to post
2. How to PM
3. How to reply to a post
4. how to make and upload your avatar
5. how to make and upload your signature
6. How to "type" a cool symbol
7. How to report someone/something

How to Post

step 1. Choose the catagory and forum you would like to post in
e.g. "Cool the Globe> Recycling"
step 2. scroll down to the bottom of your screen and you will see a button saying "Post New"
step 3. then fill out the Subject area and the post's body just like an e-mail
step 4. Click "Preview" to look over your work
step 5. Click "Send"

How to PM

First of all you got to know what "PM" means. It means Private Message, which pretty much means that you can send (almost) any member of these forums a message that no one else can read. So here's how:
step 1. Find any post made that a specific member
step 2. at the bottom of their post you will see varius options:
e.g. "Profile, PM, E-mail, Website"
step 3. Click on the option that says "PM"
step 4. Type up the message just like you would a post.
step 5. Click send and wait for a reply (if they send you one)

How to Reply to a Post

while reading any post (unless it is locked) you are able to reply to it. This is only a 2 step system

step 1. Scroll down to the Bottom of the post (past all the reply's too) there will be a space for you to write (like a post but no subject)
step 2. Write your words and click send

How to Make and Upload Your Avatar

An avatar is like a personalized name-tag. It symbolizes you, and most of the time reflects your personality. There are only 2 ways (that I know of) to make an avatar. using either MicroSoft Paint, or Adobe photoshop. Your Avatar can be funny, serious, dull, exciting really anything that you can save as ALMOST any file type. I know that JPEG is one, and PNG is another. There's alot more but I haven't gotten them memorized. Once you have your Avatar uploaded it can be veiwed on your profile, and next to your posts/replies. Here's how:

step 1. Create an image using any picutre editing software you desire
e.g. a picture of you- a picture of a(n) animal(s)-your favorite color- a(n) online game charactor-anything that can be saved as a picture
step 2. save your image as a format that is compadible with our forums
step 3. save your avatar
step 4. (OPTIONAL) write a post about your new avatar for everyone to see *(No Bragging like, "My avatar is better")*

How to Make and Upload Your Signature

A signature is almost like your avatar, but can be used for many many more things. They can hold your favorite saying, a picture of something you think is special, and even your website URL link. Making a signature is just as easy as creating your avatar, basically it's just a picture. This picture will be put after each and every post or reply you send. Even your PM's will contain your siggy (short for signature). There are a lot of tutorials you can find on YouTube and around the web on how to make stunning signatures, using neat graphics and the latest photoshop programs and brushes. Of course yours can be as simple as you want. So let's get started.

step 1. find or create an image you would like to use (OPTIONAL)
step 2. make sure the file type is saved as something that is compadable with our forums
*this (step 2) is only if you are uploading a picture*
step 3. Click on "Profile" at the top of the forum
step 4. Click on "Signature" (duh) at the top of the page
step 5. Now you can type whatever you want in the box provided. The one on top is your current siggy. You can use the buttons on the second box to put in links, images, make something flash, and other things.
*I will put in more detailed steps later*
step 6. Make sure that in your "Prefrances" section of your profile that you mark "show signature" as yes.

How to Report Someone or Something

step 1. If you see a post or reply that is against any of the rules just click the little "!!!" button in the upper right hand coner of the post (to make sure you click the right button, hover your mouse over the button and a caption will appear).
step 2. Describe (in the spave porvided) what rules was broken and
why you reported it.
step 3. send it and a moderator or adminastrtor will look it over.

If you have any questions comments or concerns about this page PM either me or Jduck9.

Thank you,
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Full Forum Tutorial...
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